Dr. med. Grit Euler – Pediatric Practice Prenzlauer Berg

Dear parents and patients,

Preventive measures and vaccinations are carried out at separate times from the acute consultation hours. Please come to these appointments only with an accompanying person!
From now on, every child from 1 year and every parent must wear a mask during the stay in the practice, even if they are supposed to be free of infection! This is to protect the practice staff in the context of the Corona Pandemic.

Please only enter our premises at the planned date. Appointments can be arranged by telephone or e-mail. We would like to arrange the number of persons in such a way that the recommended minimum distance is always guaranteed.

We offer a video consultation hour. This requires a video appointment and a proof of insurance of the patient is absolutely necessary in advance. This can be sent by email to mail@kinderarzt-euler.de or by fax to 030-41717368.

On Wednesday there is an acute consultation hour every day. Please make an appointment for current performances on the same day only by telephone, as e-mails cannot be answered promptly while the practice is running!

Your Pediatric Practice Team

Visiting hours

Mo 8 am -12 pm
Di 9 am -12  pm/ 15 pm -18 pm
Mi No visiting hours *
Do 8 am -12 pm / 14 pm -17 pm
Fr 9 am -12 pm
Prophylactic examinations and vaccinations for infants cannot be done without an appointment.

Consultation hour

Appointments for precautions, vaccinations and medical concerns outside of the acute consultation hours will only be made after a telephone enquiry.

You are welcome to leave your request on the answering machine.

Fon: 030/4421870

Urgent appointment for the same day

Please make an appointment for urgent matters on the same day by telephone only.

Stop with suspected coronavirus disease!

Under no circumstances enter the practice unannounced!
Call 030-4421870 or
Email to mail@kinderarzt-euler.de
Please help us to avoid contagion of the other patients and the staff of our practice.

Information Health Department:

Information on the Corona virus:

Robert Koch Institut


  • Please remember bringing your health insurance card. Where necessary, please also bring: Vaccination card or prophylactic examination booklet
  • Do not forget to bring slippers or cosy socks..
  • We also recommend you bring a diaper changing mat, a blanket and/or a cardigan to keep your little ones warm.
  • Please download the PraxisApp to your smartphone, it will provide you with all information relevant to our practice: Information
  • All information can be downloaded here.